You make my heart flutter!

embossing punches stamping Mar 10, 2021

Aiming high and taking flight

Be still my heart! Today’s page is all about our youngest kiddo. She is a tiny, sweet, amazing power house of a person. She is the kind of person that makes a plan and goes for it. She is beautiful and smart and such a go-getter and she makes my heart so happy!

Every time I sit down to scrap a page of this kid I am drawn to butterflies and flowers. Butterflies flit about with such energy and wonder and they make me think of her. I wanted her page to be full of fun and playful energy, so I dug through my stash and pulled out some super happy embellishments. I went with lots of bright colors, bouncy butterflies and sweet flowers.

To title or not to title

I decided to use an embellishment with a sentiment on it for my page title. It expressed exactly what I was feeling and it even had little butterflies on it! I wanted it to stand out a bit, so I added it on dimensionals; also known as pop dots. They are sticky backed pieces of foam and offer a little lift to your embellishments. I like doing this because it helps to draw subtle attention the to page elements. You always want your photos to be the main attraction though!

Sprinkled here and there

Something that I try to do when creating a page is to use similar colors throughout the whole page. I usually start with the pictures and draw my colors from there. I try to choose embellishments and accent colors that either match or contrast and then look for similar colors for my other page elements. It helps to give the page a nice finished, cohesive look when it all ties together and similar colors are a great way to do achieve that.

This way and that-a way!

One of my all time favorite page accent elements is arrows. I have stacks of arrow embellishments, arrow punches, dies and often just make my own. You will see a lot of arrows on my pages. They just evoke such a fun, energetic feeling!

Making my own

I wanted extra long arrows for this page, so I made my own. I cut strips of paper and used a punch that punches out a Chevron shape for my arrow ends. I ran all of those pieces through a polka dot embossing folder and then assembled them on my page. They frame my pictures on 2 sides and make the title sentiment dance across the whole page. Arrows for the win!

I also tucked some flower embellishments in under my pictures. I used flowers that had similar colors as the sentiment. I added a couple to make the page feel balanced.

So much heart

I often sneak hearts onto my pages! In this case, I snuck several. I punched the large ones from glitter paper using a heart shaped punch and then added some small enamel hearts on top. I like to staple these in place to talk them into staying put and also because I think it looks pretty darn cute! Again, the fun is in all of the little details.

Flutter butterflies, flutter!

In keeping with the hearts a flutter theme, I added some playful butterflies dancing across the page. These are pre-made embellishments that you peel and stick on. I wanted them to look like they were in motion, so I did a little bit of stamping behind them. I added several, but separated them so they appeared to be hanging out on different parts of the page. I stamped using a teal color that is in the flower elements and the sentiment piece.

That’s a wrap!

Here is the finished page one more time. Looking through old pictures and scrapping pages of our family memories is such an awesome feeling! It feels pretty great to get these memories on paper and in books so we can look back and remember the things that make life so full and wonderful.

I appreciate you stopping by! It’s always nice to visit with you and I look forward to you coming by again! I have so much that I want to share with you and I can’t wait! See you soon!