A little about me!

Mar 01, 2021

Hi there! My name is AnnMarie and I am so excited to meet you! A little about me…I am a wife of 30 years to my best friend. We met when we were 12 and 13 and he has been charming me ever since. I am a Mom to 4 amazing human beings and a Grams to a gaggle of grand people who are the lights of my life. My sun rises and sets around my family.

I am a self proclaimed crafty girl, a creator, a maker, an artist, an inventor. I am fortunate in that I come from a set of artistic parents and a wonderful bonus Dad. My Mom was a phenomenal photographer. I mean incredibly gifted!! My Dad was a Jack of all trades, but did everything with creative, artistic flair. My bonus Dad was also in the photography field along with many other achievements. As a result, I have always enjoyed crafting and creating things. I have dabbled in lots of different craft mediums, but my favorites are rubber stamping and scrapbooking. You are going to see quite a lot of both around here. 🙂

Interested in some silly things about me? I think people should be patient and kind, because it makes a difference. I cannot drive a stick shift, despite my best efforts to learn. It is very important to me to be healthy and strong, so I exercise regularly and try to sleep a solid 8 hours as often as I can. I love chocolate and I love cupcakes! I really love chocolate cupcakes! My favorite color is pink. Glitter and all things sparkly make me happy! Grover from Sesame Street is my spirit animal. (I think that he and I share many character traits!) I feel that cows are for petting and sharing secrets with, not eating! This is non-negotiable. I try to always appreciate the small things.  I hope with my whole heart that my time here touches other people’s lives in a positive way.

Meeting new people and making new friends are some of my favorite things to do! I am so pleased that you have made your way here to my little ole’ blog. I’m looking forward to spending lots of time with you and getting to know you much better!

Life is an amazing adventure and I have come to the conclusion that documenting and sharing our stories is one of the most important things we can do! I am passionate about this and have chosen scrapbooking as my form of documenting and telling my stories. I’d love to have you come on this journey with me! Let's get scrappy!